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Thank you Lizbeth and Steev,

I’m not sure where the gambling urges are gone but it is nice to be free of them for a while.
I bought new boots last night and some lovely food in m and s .
I will have to be fairly frugal this month but it is nice not to be desperately watching money.
I am so tired today – I was up late therough no fault of my own. It feels like a much better tired than the ones after a night spent gambling. I think coffee will see me through the day.
I’m not sure if I hit rock bottom but I am happy to continue with my current brain shift. It occurs to me that the more I reinforce my new thinking the stronger those brain connections will be, so I need to keep really focused on reinforcing them and not allowing myself to be distracted or doubt myself .

That’s about it- this is probably the longest I have had gamble free since last summer, but as I seem to find it impossible remember as one gambling binge flows into another, I could read back and find I am totally wrong.

Onwards and upwards-I’ll take this freedom for as long as it lasts- my brain and my body need it