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Thank you so much for sharing bro. It feels good to know somebody can relate. I’ve been thinking a lot today about just how crazy the last two years have been for me. I want to have a fully clear head again, where I can just focus on my daily life. It feels as if gambling has taken so much of my natural ambition. Like i went all in on trying to get rich by being lucky, instead of going out in the world and putting the work in to earn my money and save it the right way.

I wish you well on your journey too. I’m not too far from 29. The question is will I be able to stop myself from throwing in a small casual bet once I get out of my current jam. I like your advice of remembering the feeling of losing. I almost have to treat this like a drug addiction.. in the sense that I can’t just have a small casual dose of gambling.. because I know what it will eventually bring me to.