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Glad to see it is not just me then, I am awaiting transfer to someone else now, we will see.
I don’t know where the days go, four days since I posted here, although I do pop in every day and read the posts it’s kind of like a routine a look in on all our different lives.
A lot going on with the family at the moment, exams major ones life changing exams am not sure who is most anxious over them me or the ones taking them.
It seems to have been quite quiet here over the last week or so, mind you I have not felt much like posting writing either. Especially when I sit here and think, have I even got anything interesting to say? probably not, today I have kept busy, I did a mammoth job of clearing out an outbuilding which took like five to six hours so many spiders, ugh glad that is over and done with, I had to keep busy really today, cos I am feeling kind of sad as I can’t quite believe it’s a whole year ago today that my dog went to rainbow bridge, I still miss her every day I don’t think there has been a day that has passed in this last year that I have not thought of her.
Animals give so much with very little asked for in return, they are loyal and totally accepting of our faults, how many humans can say that, not many if any. So today I remember her and all the wonderful moments we shared, I see her clearly now, for in my memory she will never die.