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Yes that was the last barrier and now it’s gone .
I am still in the shock , I am not going to forgive my self for feeding this horrible addiction .
My money troubles are coming to end and I am hoping to open a new chapter in my life . I sold my land and fingers crossed I should be getting the money in few days . I will be closing more than half of my debts and have already canceled them all .
I am not going to have a bank account or any credi cards rest of my life.
I got a cash card Account to which I set up direct debits and got my wages paid in to it . Simple as that . I warned all the credit card companies not to send me any offers what so ever.
My opinion is that credit card or any Visa card companies should not allow us to gamble by doing this they are in my eyes working with these nasty gambling corporations .
For many years credit cRd companies and banks have lured in working class people in to debt by offering money and making us pay 30 times more this is a modern slavery method they used this method for a while it’s time for us to all wake up to reality.
Now they are using our own minds to get us in to gambling habbit so that they can take more money from us .
All these corporations work together and their aim is to control us in every way .
I have woken up to this late but I assure you my child would not go throwing what I been through .