your support is invaluable and very timely. I just can’t do this anymore, it’s dragging me down with it. I like your line ‘share it with those who make it better for you’. Sometimes I wonder who this is! I’ve been through so much ‘other stuff’ this year, faced death in the face, I need some closure. So this morning I’ve said to my cg I only want to talk to him if its nothing to do with money, gambling, having no money for food, rent etc. If he starts I will end the conversation. I cannot put myself through this anymore, so space from him is what I need and this time I am going to listen to myself for a change. I’m not sure what is harder, leaving a partner/husband or leaving a son/family member. Luckily I have always been of the mind that children are ‘not yours’, you give birth to them and then teach them tools for life and then you let them go. I didn’t have children to bring up on my own and without any support but that’s what has happened. I have done the best I could, I honestly believe that :). I’m rambling time for a coffee and I have a canvas that is calling me to put some paint on it! It’s been calling me for a long time but some stupid addiction has been getting my time and energy. So for now I’m signing off. Thanks again Monique, take care xx