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Thank you Nick.
I haven’t posted in a while as I have had very bad flu and a bereavement and really didn’t feel up to posting. I hope that you have taken note that it’s not just you who gets ignored on your thread sometimes!
The bereavement – think it is the first time I have felt anything in so long – i thought my feelings had numbed comepletely so despite the horribleness of the emotion, on some level I was glad to just feel.

I go through life with a smile and a don’t care attitude – and it’s not put on. People don’t get to me the way they used to- it the past I worried when people discussed me – now I absolutely couldn’t care less.

– I find out today if my loan comes through- oh yeah I kinda gambled . I registered with a foreign casino and deposited but it wouldn’t allow me to play the games because I was in the wrong country. They are refunding me my deposit .
In a way my barriers held up because I could not access any sites I could actually gamble on.

Therefore I haven’t decided whether I have been gamble free or not this year – I think I will go with gamble free for as we all know success breeds success!