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Thank you Nick, Jezi and Charles
I got the loan Charles but I kinda have nowhere I can gamble online . My Gamstop must have finally kicked in after all these months because yes I have tried .
Bingo continues to tempt me daily and I continue to talk myself into waiting until the next day.

I have planned tomorrow night and I will be going for a meal with friends .
Jezi I have been gamble free since New Year ( ?? read previous posts). Last year I stayed gamble free for about six months but my longest every was eight months.

I am still feeling under the weather a bit with this flu although I am on the mend. I have the loan in my bank and I have spent it a hundred different ways in my head. I guess a lot of it will go to repayments and living expenses – but I really want new clothes . However if I can manage to make do I will be in a much better position next month. If I didn’t get the loan I would have had to make do…

I guess that’s my decision made