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Thank you Sad for talking to me. I will have a look on the link thank you, I am not offended at all, quite the opposite.

I think that I have burnt most of my bridges when it comes to turning anywhere for help, what with the ‘this time will be the last time’ ‘I promise I will stop’ etc etc. I will figure out how to feed kids somehow, that is what us Mums do.

Perhaps after some sleep, I will reassess everything with a clearer head and start to make better sense of it all. I really hope I can sleep a bit tonight as last night I could not with sick and worry and yet I still blew the last of what I had this morning chasing my losses……. There has to be more to life than this?? where and why did it all go so wrong…!!

Ok, giving myself a stern talking to, going to have a look on and then home to try to sleep. Tomorrow is a brand new day and the fight starts again.

Thank you Sad, you truly are a life saver….. I’d given up hope and lost the will to fight. ODAAT. I know its not going to be easy at all but I have to think of my Son and Daugher.