Hi! I want to say hi, because I read through your posts (and responses) the last time I was here and I was brought to mind of a few things by reading what you had to say. And to be honest, at first I “couldn’t relate” or so I thought, until I got to the point where you mentioned (ex) MIL and I have to say, that (your story) has made me remember that I need to be careful, about how I handle comments about the problems we’re going through as a result of PG, but also how I “help” or encourage my daughters to work through some of what has been “visited” on them through no fault of their own, particularly as I am in no position to fix much. I also wanted to let you know I appreciated the link(s) and the Conscious Parenting, too. LOL I think that goes double for the marriage, at least for me!

But I did want to say “hi” and thanks and let you know that your words and struggle have helped me, too and I expect that will translate out at well. SO I am sending you a “hug” and a hope for “peace inside” and also, good reports in health. And this being the hardest part to figure out what to/how to or if I should say at all; I’ll try: I know sometimes we do the right thing or maybe the best thing and yet, we have no guarantee of the results. Sometimes I think the results might not be visible outside a person, especially just depending on when they happen. I know I have had to say “no more” to a person in past, so far I have not had to do that with a child (for other than a short length of time), only other relatives. But I know how painful it is if I try to imagine it or even just the short times that have happened as they are now adult. So my wish and hope and prayer for you is that you do KNOW, whether you see the results, that you made the right and best decision. But, I do hope that you do get to see the results, too.