Hi San
I certainly have found something to make me smile, your lovely words, God bless you for caring xxx
I am jealous of you as you still have your CG and he loves you. That probably sounds selfish of me but unfortunately that’s how I still feel. Obviously I’m glad my CG is getting help but by helping him to do this I have lost him, and the thoughts that in all probability it’s forever are still enough to bring tears. It’s very hard to accept that perhaps he never really loved me at all. So many friends and acquaintances tell me he’s a fool to not want me, that I’m attractive, intelligent, a nice person and maybe it’s true but just makes me feel worse! If I am then why does the man I love not love me? Life just isn’t fair sometimes is it? Why do the nice people never seem to win?
My daughter is a little better and has been a god send in the past few weeks, she’s even taken to sleeping in my bed, something she’s not done for years. Guess at the moment we both need the safety and companionship . Starting an exercise class tonight, hoping it will help with sleep for us both. And maybe a few shared laughs along the way.
Thanks again for ur words and ur cyber hug , both needed and appreciated.
Much love
Neecy xxxx