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Hi thanks for that I know what you mean with you say U don’t want to fink about what you lost I do agree yeah a trigger in our heads we have to let that go I know I’ve had a problem it’s about the last 4 years that it’s got worse but gamble is just a chase chase you hit U hit then U lose everything never had i gambled to my last penny I always make sure money is there to get us though the month in a way it’s good as ive got shares in a business that’s no risk finishes in December ive got 2 lots that should be around 12000 that’s going to pay a lot of my debts off im looking forward staying gambler free and becoming debt free im
Hoping With in the next 2 years I’ll be making money that I can just spend on holidays ect more things for kids I always take it one day at a time first words I say to myself waking up is just for today I won’t gamble soon it will be a week then a month then a year I need to keep myself busy my Barriers are in place don’t get my wrong the diesease is uncurable ive just got to keep it under control that I don’t let him back in if you know what I mean I found this site just by reading people’s storeys ect it’s good to see people on here are here for each other and that we are not alone I always use to ask myself why can’t I stop I cryed and cryed saying stoppppppppppppp and I just couldent taking advice of people tieing money up ect really helps I have no access to my money anything I want from my cards my Mrs get me the money and I have to show how I spent it ect thanks for you message means a lot and I hope you and your family are all well and you are coping well as its soooo hard even people I meet a GA 10 years clean they say I could easy have a slip just as much as you