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Thank you so much Happy and Vera, my instincts told me you both might respond to this post and I was so worried about sounding preachy.
I seem to get bogged down with the little things. There is a song by Francesca Battistelli called “This is the stuff”. It is available on I love this song. It cracks me up. It is a wonderful reminder of things that side track my thinking. My day can be hectic and my evenings feel very lonely. My son makes bad decisions. My daughter worries me for her lack of ability to care for herself financially. I have about 50 employees that rely on me to make good decisions. I have a stressful life. I still feel the pull of gambling. I have a little church that gives me a place to worship, but there is even stress there. Because we have gotten to know all the people well, we end up sharing their burdens too. Loving and caring in and of itself is stressful. Most of the congregation are elderly or poor or in bad health or all three. I sometimes want to find a church where I can just slip into the back pew, get my worship on and get out, somewhere where I am just a face in the crowd. It would be easier than what we have now, but somehow it probably would not be as rewarding.
That song is so fun and it really lifts me out of the stress and into a better frame of mind. Look it up:) I encourage everyone not to stress the stuff, because there are certainly times when the Big events will require our stamina. I don’t want to run out of energy for those because I let every little thing bog me down.
I hope everyone has a gamblefree day (as hard as it is to recover, it is harder for me, ten times over when I choose to gamble)
I just love Geordie’s posts, gambling is not gonna help!