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Thank you so much Velvet! I will plan to join the group tomorrow.

He told me that he was sorry and said that he hoped that one day I could forgive him. He said that he knows that words don’t mean anything and that he has to show me. He wrote me a letter and created a vision board on what his plans are for the future. He says that he is changing his focus. He will be attending two meetings per week, going to brotherhood at church on Monday’s and getting more involved with his business.

He’s been working everyday. He is at church now. He gives me receipts to what he purchases and let’s me know where he is. He says he knows or will take time to gain trust , but is willing to put in the work. He says he wants his family.

I’m also confused on how to treat him. I feel if like I’m cold-hearted there’s more distance and hurt, but then I’m protecting myself. If I talk to him and I’m nice I feel like he’s going to take advantage of me.