Thank you so much, Velvet!
My ex is 24, and he started playing when he moved out of his parents house. He struggled with money, ended up dropping out of school… His life was kind of a mess! I think I was the only positive “thing” he had in his life, at that time! I think he needed me. That changed when his family came back into his life again. I think he had a empty space in his heart (missing his family) and he tried to fill up that space by having me in his life… I don’t know if that makes sense, or if it’s even true… but all I know is things changed when they came back. I need to forgive myself first, in order to move on! Forgive and understand that I did my best, I’m not perfect, but he wasn’t either. I hope that one day he will understand that I only wanted the best for him, I may have set some goals and standards in my life that he knew he could’t reach… I don’t want him to think of me as a controlfreak, I just want him to know I really loved, cared and wanted the best for our future! I hope he knows!