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Thank you Steev, Laura and Nick.
I can’t find the therapy but there is a film somewhere with the same name which is based in a unique programme in a prison.
Well down Nick on the fundraising .
Laura I hope you feel better soon.

Today I have a new plan.
My plan is to focus on me.
I feel overwhelmed when I think of all I have to do.
So today I am getting new glasses, new face cream, new clothes and maybe a new duvet cover. I haven’t got a lot of money but I would normally think £200 was a cheap night gambling so here I go off to spend that same £200 on me .

Can I afford it? I can’t afford not to spend money on me.
I am getting low, I am lonely, l feel unvalued and unimportant .
Who better to mAke me feel valued than me?

Onwards and upwards.