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Thank you Velvet

The context of “has to get a new job” is simply that his current one is coming to an end. He knows he won’t actually have one at all by January. However, the desire and motivation to go and find another one is the one impacted by his “need”.

His “needs” remain focused on the desire to gamble/game still. I would say that his desire to game is stronger at the moment than his desire to gamble and he doesn’t see that there is an addiction there either. It is my opinion that the two are intertwined, the flicking/flashing of the screen on the shoot em up game is stimulating the same bits of the brain that the slots/gambling does.

Once underway, nothing else matters. If the opportunity is there, then he could play it for 10/12 hours. Even that has a cost, they always need the next weapon, the next smartbomb, that no-one else has, so they click on the icon on the screen and its bought and the bank card is automatically debited. Then suddenly everyone has it and the next new one appears. Here we go again. Its no different at all, its simply a means of extracting a continuous drip of cash.

I can’t live his life for him, I know, but I’m aghast and fearful at what his life is going to be and where its going to take him.