Thank you Velvet,
He was in recovery for many years from alcohol before I met him. So, I did not experience that addiction. Yes, I agree being in a profession where you help others with their addiction and struggling with this is more difficult. His fear is that he will lose his license if he sought out professional help, but I think it is an excuse right now. I see him physically struggle with the addiction to gamble when we stay home. I myself am in recovery from alcohol, and understand the physical and mental part of addiction. I am also a counselor of mental health and substance abuse, and it is so frustrating to be on this end of it. I have been feeling alone in this till I let my family know about it this past weekend, but I felt like I needed to seek out people who have been there. I also understand that he did not seek this out, and that his addiction was just waiting for this opportunity. We do not have a Gamblers Anonymous group where we live, and the closet one is an hours drive away. Which, helps with the excuse to not go to one, may be next week(what he always says). I have even suggested we get back to going to AA meetings, just to get back in the habit. However, when we are not really working on our program, we are easily to point out others’ short comings and not getting what we need out of the meetings. I am still undecided, and I have been seeking out what is best for me. I am not wanting to make a quick decision, till I feel that I found the right answer for me. I realize it is up to him to make that decision, and he does admit to the problem, he just has not made the next step to actively participate in the recovery of his problem. Here where we live he can ban himself from casinos and has the paperwork to fill out, just has not done so due to this billards tournament he is in with his teamates in a few weeks. I know it is just another excuse. I have stopped taking my check book with me, and now all my credit cards. We do not have joining accounts, and his account is so over drawn he cannot get out anything to even pay off things. He verbally manipulates me to get money out of my account in the past, and that is why I stopped taking anything that he could talk me out of. My parents and sister did not give me money, and I have told them to help out just send a prepaid gas card or a gift card from the grocery. Anyway, thank you for your response, I have my boys this week and pick them up from daycare at 5. But I do look forward to geting on the chats soon.

I will keep you updated.