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I really appreciated your post, especially as you are the mother of a CG. I am very fortunate as my husband is much like me, we seem to be in the same position, but, it’s impossible to know that completely,because our mind and its contents Are very much our own. We are both continuing to support our son, despite the traumas. I have been worried about my husband as he is usually so strong and positive, but this latest incident has floored both of us but my husband has been really emotional. He never takes sick leave, but on this occasion he did , his health is concerning me. He says he feels devastated that our CG son can’t talk to him about when he is down. We have two other children, and they are amazing. They are very much part of our strong family unit, and I know I am lucky in that they are great people, they are beautiful on the inside and out. Our son who is a CG was also beautiful on the inside, loving, smart, caring, family orientated. Our middle son is so angry with his brother as is our daughter. They can see what he is doing to himself. To me and my husband and to them. My son thinks we should just get our CG son to move out of our home. He says we have drawn a line too many times and given our CG son too may chances. On this last occasion our CG son once again stole a substantial amount of money from us. Again. How many times can we put up with this? The thing I really can’t get my head around is why do they steal from those who love him, it’s the deviousness, the clever ways they manipulate, the lies, the deceit. All this is worse than the money they take. I’m concerned co I think we haven’t been strict enough, that we have made things worse by looking after him. Our other tow children are disgusted with our CG son, they are so angry, and inside so am I. A few days ago I felt like accepting that he was not going to move on, and I felt like giving up on him, mainly because he treats us so badly and it’s all about him. I love him, and I don’t like saying this but I hate who he is at the moment. So I suppose I need to believe that our son can find himself and be who he was…. A loving caring person. He doesn’t like who he is but despite have an amazing experience at GM and coming away with his toolbox, he has so quickly put them in the attic gathering dust. He really annoys me. Because sometimes I think he thinks he is too good to start at the bottom, but he had every chance in life, full support T uni, a loving family support network, great friends , an amazing girlfriend. I am sick of the suicide threats, I am sick of the moods, I am sick of the delusion, I am sick of the lies, the deceit the refusal to talk, which is what he said was so important after leaving GM and I am tired of him abusing us. I am really trying to be positive with him, but I really am feeling close to the edge, and at the point where I want to ……………………….” The last incident felt so déjàvou been here, got the tee shirt, same old same old. I am angry, but I still want home to find himself. He doesn’t seem to have the staying power, to work through the difficult times he will have with very little money et . So where amI??????? Where am I?????? I pray to God that he will give me strength, and that my son will find his pathway to happiness Tired Nd exhausted