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I am glad to see you posting on my thread, I have missed seeing you around as much in recent weeks. I hope that you are feeling more comfortable today after the accident, it must have been a terrible shock to you, I had an accident in 2006 I think it was had to be cut out of a zafira, not hardly driven since!
I did get a few thousand compensation or perhaps it would be more accurate to say some online casino did! I have only just remembered that. Yes, when you look at what’s really important in your life when faced with the accident, it wasn’t gambling, debts at all in that moment none of that mattered and as I saw you write somewhere, gambling so so much worse!
I loved the story of Narnia, read it too unfortunately my hiding was not a game, as I got older probably early teens I progressed to hedges….
I used to play a lot of games like candy crush got up to level 500 odd but I have not played in a while now, did quiz apps too but even those I would have to play until I was the top player in the UK, so excessive and addictive activities I am just leaving well alone.
So today has been a day of nothingness, simply because that is what I made it, its my moods one minute manic next depressed, I was getting rather manic I felt and am sure that is a trigger for me, seems to be either I feel manic or I feel exceedingly depressed, how about just normal even keeled?
Terrible urges today and I know why, need to sort that out tomorrow too late today now but I will.
That’s me, another day and not another pound wasted, gosh the urges cause such nausea but remember this nausea is nothing like the aftermath and never will be.