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Thank you Vera and Laura ,

Vera .I get it- I feel too ashamed to post about relapses on here anonymously never mind sit in front of a whole roomful of people and talk about it . Although is that not denying others the experience they have selflessly provided for us ? Is that not the sin of pride? – I think I will have to rethink this – I think I have just hit ont he real reason I dislike GA- pride !

You are right about comparing although it is difficult not to think about where we would be now without gambling.

However I have already started a plan of action to get back there – I remember how successful your plan was – perhaps that is why we stumbled into gambling – perhaps we never planned our lives !
I certainly didn’t – I could hardly plan a meal a day in advance – yet when I had limited resources after gambling I could meal plan for a month !

I went shopping and bought beautiful presents for everyone – for my mum I could afford to accessorise the very nice outfit I bought for her – it felt nice – and back to comparing – I got her lovely gloves – the kind prominent women in the village wear !! Haha. My mum has always gambled too much to have gloves like these – I can’t wait to take her to the place where the ladies lunch wearing her fancy gloves ! Perhaps on St Stephen’s day ! OMG there has been a snob hidden inside me all these years !

Laura thank you for this link – it is really helpful to know the emotional roller coaster is normal .

Onward and upwards everyone !