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Thank you (((Vera))) and (((sad))) for your kind emails. It’s nice that you have graced us with your presence (((Vera))) and have posted so everyone knows you’re doing well and gamble free!! LOL! In all seriousness (((Vera))), people here miss your support but I do understand that you needed to look after yourself first before you could be here to support others. If you were still gambling I doubt that you would be making almond paste for your cake. You’d probably would be holed up in one of those dark dingy gambling venues you described in previous posts. Much better to be in the light and enjoy the fruits of being gamble free. (((sad))), I think that you are dead on when you say that once people have lost ones to death, Christmas starts to become associated with emotional pain and grief. I will probably enjoy the next few days more than I anticipate in spite of my cold having morphed into a worse cold. I wish everyone on this site, a very Merry Christmas and a gamble free new year. I’m going to be hanging on tight to my seat on the recovery train. Carole