Thank you Vera, Velvet, Ell and Jenny,

I also notice my recovery. I feel like I am normal again. Although the divorce paperworks and the ocassional arguments with my wife still make it stressful sometimes. My daughter is coping well and I hope this doesn’t have lasting impact on her. I still hope her mom stays involve in her life rather than running to another state to live. I am not sure that is the reason for doing that. I checked where she applied and there are a bunch of casinos in that area too.

Yesterday my wife’s sister wanted to talk to me so we met at a cafe. She told me that there are two sides to any problem and my wife has been telling her family that I am a bad husband. My wife told her family that she only gambles her own money and that as a husband with a decent salary, I should be able to provide for the family and stop complaining. I told my wife’s sister that I rather my wife stays home not working and not gamble. It is not just the money but the lies and the depression and anger that go associate with gambling. My wife also told her family that she wanted to have a $3000 necklace but I didn’t buy for her. I explained to her sister that the last time I bought my wife a $2000 bracelet it ended up in the pawnshop a few months later along with the diamond wedding ring. Since then I told my wife that I will not buy jewelry for her again. I think I am far from perfect but I am not the main reason for her gambling. Her family also susggested that since my wife brings home over $3000 a month after taxes why don’t I budget $1000/month for my wife so she can gamble freely without hiding and lying. I explained to my sister-in-law that I thought about it already but this plan doesn’t work for someone like my wife just like a drug addict can never shoot up a little cocaine and hope to keep it under control.

I think her family doesn’t fully understand my wife’s problem since they seem to point out that I am the problem. I don’t want to explain to them anymore.