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Good to hear that you are planning to move from (overcrowded) London to Cornwall, Monica.

Living in densely populated areas, involving the use of public transport daily, is certainly a threat to every aspect of health, “corona” aside.

I am eternally gratefeul that I live on the country, albeit a pain in the butt when some power happy policeman/woman pulls you over to question you as to your reason to travel. The good news is that under our magnificient Constitution we do not have to answer those questions. Freedom of Movement is clearly spelled out there and no temporary adjustment to the Health Act supercedes this.If I had to live in a high rise apartment, which many people do, with a 2km restriction, I would go nuts.

You might be interested in listening to Prof. Johan Giesecke, Monica. Along with many other medics, he questions the whole idea of “lockdown” and the consequences which will ensue when this (in my opinion) dangerous tactic is eventually lifted. Where I live, the restrictions are being extended further. Again, I pose the question, for how long will these measures be sustainable in a democracy?

I hear you on the lack of motivation, Monica. I have fallen into the “why bother ” trap too.

My way of getting ’round this ( although I’m a procrastinator) is to remind myself that God has given us the precious gift of time and we will have to answer to Him as to whether we wasted or used that gift . This, of course applies to our whole lives.

You have done amazingly well since you first came to GT, Monica.

You have my admiration.