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Lily Nix

Thanks for the encouragement and I know you are both right about the self exclusion, I have a counselling appt next week that I am going to follow through on, in the past I have set up so many appts and then never gone! And I have planned self exculsion before too and never gone, prob because of embarrassment, but you are right 10 mins of embarrassment is not a bad price to pay for my freedom….and yes my husband would come for sure. Now it’s just to do it.

I had a pretty good week, a couple of urges, mine always start with “just go throw in 20, you can control it, it will be different this time“ what I lie I tell myself, this week when I got those thoughts a couple times, I stopped what I was doing and thought the whole thing through from finish to end and when I did this, I cam out a loser, so I didt go, I basically talked myself out of it….but if I was banned from the casino I know it would be easier. It is the weekend now so I am pretty save, got lots to do besides gambling.

Just another thing to note, I feel I have physically symptoms from gambling, everytime I quit, I notice my eye and corner of my mouth twitching uncontrollably and this is probably from the sitting and zoning out at the cold lonely machine….it’s annoying and I am sure it will go away in time.

Hope everyone has a gamble free day!