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you know what , I don’t even enjoy gambling,

honestly. I don’t get a rush , I don’t like the act of gambling at all. I really just was chasing to try to get some of the 26k I’ve lost

since May. I just wanted to get some back, and didn’t win

once since May. I literally lost every single time for the 

past 13-15 times I’ve gambled. It’s the higher powers

way of telling me to stop, because I have dug a hole

i cannot climb out from gambling and chasing has

 this an absolute financial nightmare.

tuesday I will have to move back

in with my parents. At age 30. It will take me

roughly 6 months to clear this debt. That’s me having

no social life, or spending at all. But this needs to be done

because I’ve damaged my financials, and worse than that

my mental state.