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Sorry steev my message was actually directed at the person who commented below you. You are right though, i have been given a lot of advice and not really put in the effort to try them out. 

I dont want to annoy people that tell me to go to a GA meeting as i live in a small town in new Zealand where everyone knows everyone and I feel like its guaranteed ill bump into someone i know. I know it sounds pathetic but a meeting i have to show up to in person is something i really dont want to do hence why im trying to find other means. 

I spent most my pay gambling again. But i withdrew what i had left in cash, and am getting rid of my debit card so ill need a new one but going to get an eftpos card instead of debit so I can’t use it online. Im spending the next few days wondering if i should tell my mum about the problem and send her my pay everyweek then she can just send mr what i need for groceries etc. The problem there is that she use to have a gambling addiction too and i i worry about the safety of my money with her. I feel if i stress it to her that I need her to look after it and to promise she wont spend any then it might be fine but i know gambling can make you do things you wouldn’t normally do.

Im also very busy with work now since ive returned and dont find myself with much spare time now. I will be making good money again now so have a few days before payday next week to put some things into place to increase my chances and not gambling next week. What i havent done yet is go and read other stories since ive been back on this forum so will look through when i wake writing this comment late at night lying in bed as i just got home and am going to sleep