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I’m delighted to hear you have got a grip on it and here’s to many more years gamble free. 

I fell into the trap of winning big early. For me winning money cant be the reason I gamble as I have and 10k, 4k, 8k for example of winnings up and wont stop til it’s gone. Then 5 minutes later the despair is gone and I’m back to normal as if nothing happened. I can see that this is common for a lot of gamblers. When i dont have money in my account I have no gambling urges. So like I wouldn’t have the type of problem where I would steal money to gamble but once my salary hits my account I just do what I can to blow it all. And also borrow money and blow that. I’m currently thinking it’s an emotional deficiency I have that I feel I need to escape into gambling and make myself feel worthless when I lose everything.

Again, thanks so much for your tips and kind words.