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How lovely is is to find posts on my thread today!
Thanks ladies-nice to see the “old gang” here.
I’ve been a crazy person lately. I did some house/dog/babysitting for some friends who went on vacation last week. The child is 16 but managing a teen , well, it’s been a while. Glad they are home!
My baby turned 33 on Monday. I miss her so much! I hope to go see her in November so we will see if I can get the time off.
I am off starting Saturday and I don’t go back until the 14th. I am taking a road trip with my sister and my mom. I couldn’t leave her behind but I have arranged for her to stay with her favorite child- my oldest brother, It’s just 3 nights and me and my sister will stay at the 2 star hotel I got cheap online. Gonna have some sister time and that alone is priceless. We will visit some cousins and my brothers two girls. I will be home for 2 days then off for a camping weekend.
One of my old customers dropped off a gift card for me for the new grocery store in town. I was shocked to find out it was for $75 dollars! I treated myself to some meat-lol! I have been skimping on meat because it costs so much I really can’t afford it like I used to.
Finished the quarter in 4th place of the 33 bankers at work, not bad since I had so little training. God is Good thats for sure!
Vera there is a part two to the “landlord” story. He came back in to speak with the manager. He made a point of stopping by my desk to say something snotty to me. He was more than a bit upset that I wasn’t helping him like he thought I should. One of the last conversations we had I had told him if he ever wanted “things like they used to be” ( fill in the blank based on our past history ) to be sure he called someone else. He told me “by the way I DID want to call you but I remembered what you said so I called someone else”. That caught me off guard and at first I was a little hurt. But see that was the point-to hurt my feelings. Little did he know all he did was cement my position to NEVER EVER return to such an awful and demeaning place in my life. I feel really bad for any woman with poor self esteem who is taken in my his “charms”. I feel even worse for his wife. I was wrong for my part in things thats for sure and I take responsibility and beg God forgiveness for my actions. He, on the other hand, has not learned a thing. He is who he is. No one can change him except himself.