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Thanks for your response Angel.
2 days ago my son did text me the following: “I feel bad for some of the hurtful things I said and I want to apologize to you. I know you are working on bettering yourself, like me, so I want to give you encouragement and wish you the best. I hope you know I’ll always love you. We do need to take time apart though and so maybe we can reconnect in a couple months or so…I can only hope. Here’s to us living our best lives until that day comes”.
It was nice to receive that message. I am totally backing off and trying to trust that other family members can help him more than I can right now. I am an anxious wreck however! I am doing things to try to move ahead myself, going to a co-dependent 8 week class starting this afternoon, seeing a therapist, and planning to travel to a gam-anon meeting next week. I went out and took a brisk walk today and plan to continue that daily as a way to manage my anxiety. I don’t have a partner but I do have friends for support. I just have so much fear about what the future holds for him and my not having ANY control over how this turns out is really out of my comfort zone. Need to put the serenity prayer on my phone and repeat it several times a day…