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Thanks Bettie and Cat for your posts! My Mother is a very angry person. I have tried everything to get her to open up to me but she won’t. I think she likes to stir the pot between my Sister and I. We all know someone like that. I don’t talk to part of my family as they stopped talking to me and my oldest Daughter after the death of my Husband. They acted inappropriately and were very rude. I have stayed out of their lives but have hopes that one day we will talk again. If there is any jealousy on their parts that is very sad as the only way that I am being able to make this move is because of my Husband’s death. (insurance) I would give anything in this world if things were different and he was still here with me. If my Mom gets ill or something happens to her, it would be me taking care of her not my Sister. She told me a long time ago when my she wasn’t talking to my Mom, that she was my responsibility. I have never told my Mom the horrid things my Sister has said about her. Why? But my Mom takes the time to tell my Sister everything I am doing. Yesterday when I called my Mom to try to talk to her about this situation she lied to me and wouldn’t take any responsibility for her actions. She has never been very supportive or had a lot of positive things to say in my life only negative things. I should be used to how she operates but it still saddens me. The positive, is that I am always trying to work on myself, my faults, and I try to be a better person. I am not going to let anyone steal my joy! I feel like I have came a long way in the last year! Thank you friends for your support!