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I will look up Melody Beatty, i am just finishing a book by Beth Moore named “Breaking Free”. I started to read it on one of my previuos attempts at quitting gambling. It is about all kind of things that might hold us in bondage.
I have talked to my husband about GA several times in the past. I had looked up the meetings before the exclusion. He will not go. I was going to go at one point without him, but it just didn’t happen.
I have thought about the starving analogy you used and can see that Cold turkey will not really solve the reasons I have this in me to want to play those slots. I will have to keep reading and trying to retrain my mind. I shared my story tonight with a woman I used to work with years ago. I saw her again maybe 5 years ago and she told me she met my Mom. They had been sitting next to each other at the casino. My Mom is a talker:) So our paths crossed tonight at a play we went to this evening. She recognized me and started to talk about my Mom and how she hadn’t seen her lately. I told her my husband and I had been going way too much and did a life-time ban. (She was shocked!) I told her my Mom wasn’t the only one with a problem and we decided it had to end. She said, “yeah that place will really get into your mind”. Maybe it planted a seed for her, that is if she is a CG which I suspect she is at least a frequent
My family of four went to a play tonight called Eternity. It was very moving and we loved it. Then we went for Dairy Queen (peanut buster parfaits all around). Delicious!
We have plans tomorrow night after work and on Friday too for All-county chorus, our son was selected as a tenor. (This a big deal). He has practice tomorrow and the concert is on Friday night.
We are going to our niece’s birthday party at a Disney Resort on Sunday after church. She is turning 5 and having a princess tea party. We will go to one of the parks after that. Our daughter works at Disney so we get in free!
I really can’t remember such a full week before. I am going to be so exhausted, but I am looking forward to it all.
My mind was nearly completey free of slot-think today and that was soooo great:)