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Thanks Cat for your post! I have to stay positive as the 2 months that I took care of my Husband while he was dying and the months after while I didn’t know if I was going to be able to make it without him were nothing but hell and very negative. I feel like there is nothing now that can keep me in a negative mood. It’s not worth my energy. I am healthy and so is my family, so I need to start each day positive and stay that way. I am happy to say that my Mom and I are getting along much better. When it gets to be too much or I feel overwhelmed, I take a break from her and regroup. I have changed soo much since my Husband’s death as the little things that used to upset me no longer do. So, some good did come from his death. I see life a lot differently than I used to and I appreciate it more! I am still happy and content with my new home. It suits me!