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I still can’t believe I’ve done it ! I dreamt for this first time last night in a long, long time and it’s as if my last resort and backdoor if all else fails has been shutdown.

When it sunk in what I read, I thought this is it but something I would never do. I took a cooling down period before which got me right back on the day it was over but I would never consider self excluding. I tried that once before for 6 months but it was such a mission to get back on the site with interviews and calls etc. During that time I still could not control my urges and found new sites to gamble again. We are our own worst enemy. We know what to do but WON’T, that is the bottom line.

I feel so relieved now as I know that my going into GMA will reverse and restore my life now. I have done all I need to do to make this a priority and truly mean it this time. This is such a golden opportunity for me to get my life back on track but more to face my future with confidence that I can overcome this vice and get as far as I can up that ladder to make the rest of my life better with something to show for it this time round.

Who knows I get back my drive and spirit and with God’s help, hopefully own my house one day. If not, I would have lived a more meaningful, worthy life and achieved what I could by the means I have and be happy and content. I can’t take it with me when I go but what I can take will be my character, strength and integrity.

Charlster, so pleased to hear you go a clear bill of health. You’re doing so great and I take great encouragement and support from you. Here’s to making a HUGE difference to changing our lives for the better. I feel a million dollars today. I feel like I’ve won the lottery !!! 🙂

This is wonderful. Life is so precious and beautiful if only we take time to appreciate and cherish it and what we have and smell the roses along the way. We are blessed.

God bless.

Take care.

Onwards and upwards……!