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Thanks everyone for your posts! I’ve been thinking and personally, I can’t make any life changing moves till my debt is paid off. Roughly 2 years from now. It’s a big dark cloud over my head. If I’m debt free and sell my home, I might be able to live near the ocean. I would have to live in a small apartment or rent a room from someone but it’s doable. Or I could go the small motor home route. I’m not attached to material things. My family pictures and my collection of perfume bottles are the things I would need besides a few clothes and personal items. Everything else could be sold or donated. Dreams!! Monica, my bead work days are done. It’s a lot of work and the beads and stuff are expensive if you’re going to make quality, nice looking pieces. I worked for a long time in my yard the past 2 days and I’m almost done. It looks great! Today my Daughter and Granddaughter come home. It will be good to see them. I’ve decided that today I will be grateful for my life, health and family and friends. I will value myself and all of my accomplishments and future experiences. I won’t dwell on the negatives.