Thanks everyone for your support, as always gratefully received. Yesterday, my 4 year old charge, played up. He was having an off day and being a typical 4 year old who didn’t like to be told ‘No’. He wanted to play ‘fighting’ and my old battered body won’t tolerate it, so firm ‘No’s were the order of the day. I wanted to go a certain way home, he didn’t. I wanted to go to meet his mother from the train, he wanted to stay and watch television. What stuck me was the similarity of dealing with my cg, the persistentness in trying to persuade me to change my mind, the childish ways. Moreover it was MY reaction to him to, I started off strong, determined to stand my ground but I relented. Why did I relent? quiet life? felt sorry for them? I don’t really know, but I know I have work to do on myself, not to be ‘walked over’. Obviously in the case of my charge, I am dealing with a 4 year old and the first call is his parents. But even at this age I can see unleft this child is going to have problems in life, if he carries on.

Hoping today will be better. Wishing you all some peace and the strength to carry on. Take care. San xx