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Thanks for the post Carole. I don’t mind doing yard work, it is therapeutic for me. I would love a dog but I don’t think I am getting a cat. Only one pet for me. I can always find something to do here or the surrounding areas. I am going to join a gym, get my house and yard in shape, maybe volunteer, the museums here are asking for volunteers as is the animal shelter and help my Daughter with my Grandson and at the shop when she needs me. Right now my Daughter isn’t doing any online selling. Maybe she will when her boutique is up and running and is stable. My Aunt in California is fine but her Husband was in the hospital for 1 week. He had to have his lung drained and the doctor punctured it. He is home now and doing alright. My Cousin (their oldest Daughter) lives with them and takes care of them or they would be living in a assisted living home. I made deviled eggs, pumpkin bread, and have everything ready for dinner tomorrow. I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Have a great day.