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It was good to read your experience and see you end on such a positive note. I relapsed several times on my journey to becoming gambling free – the longest was after a 3 year non-gambling time. I remember well how devastated I was – and how I felt having to admit things to my GA support and others who knew about my problem.

It was only when I truly accepted that for me – not gambling was for life and I adopted the “status” of a non-gambler that things fell into place. I have said many times that for me – not gambling was like having a peanut allergy – just one relapse could be deadly … but in the long run, peanuts are just a small part of life and giving them up – even if I really relished them – allows me to do so many other things and to live. Not gambling allows me to live my life to the full and not have to worry about stress, be that financial or any other kind. Again thank you for reminding me of this.