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Thanks for your advice, it helped me last night! I was drinking/smoking weed with my friends again yesterday and we always end up gambling with the three of us. But this time I said no and explained that I am just sick of gambling. They didn’t fully understand, because they were still egging me on a bit but after some time they stopped with that. I was already pretty intoxicated at that point- it was really hard to say no- but now it’s a really good feeling that I know I can say no even when I’m intoxicated. 

You are right about not letting my guard down. I have to continue this. It has already been 8 days and 14 hours since I last gambed (have an app which helps a lot), my next goal is the 10 day mark. I’m also afraid of letting my guard down, but I think that when you are afraid of that it’s pretty much impossible to actually let your guard down. 

Have a great day!