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I didnt read this till now as i already lost yet again, another pay cheque yesterday. Something that sunk in was you saying words and promises wont do it, what actions will i have in place. It made me realize that’s all ive done lately is talk to myself and promise myself no more gambling and it hasnt hasn’t worked at all. 

So you are right, i need to put in action. First one is getting rid of my debit card and changing back to an eftpos card. Second one is contemplating telling a family member. Then i need to find other actions i can take. 

Last person that told me to get everything blocked, insisted on a certain program which would block sites on my devices but was gona be very expensive to buy. Do you know if any free programs thatdo this exist or are they usually all paid?

Thanks for taking time out of your day to drop me some help, its much appreciated