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thanks for your message, you put a smile on my face saying this.

i have been worrying lately about the urges and just hope to myself that I can stay strong when they come on heavy. “the urges will lessen with time” really hit me. because i know you are right and its just because im fresh in recovery right now. it made me realize that 7 weeks ago i had quit smoking weed which i was doing every day, all day long. and the first few weeks without it was dreadful. but now i have absolutely no urge whatsoever to smoke weed so this should also be similar to stopping gambling. I need to look to the end goal and know that it gets easier, the longer away from it I am. 

you have motivated me today to keep doing what im doing and I thank you for that. I look very forward to payday this week and sending that money to my mum again as that will be 2 weeks of money saved which is an accomplishment for me. I use to be so good at saving too so i cannot wait till re-gain that mindset and lose this gambling one. we can all do this and I see now more than ever that it is a lot easier to do with the help of others and talking to people who can relate as i know if i was to tell a non-gambler, its something they wouldnt understand just like i wouldnt have back before i started. 

i have been looking at life more positively lately and telling myself that this was the journey I had to go through to grow as a person so I cannot be mad because we all have a different process and this was mine. Years from now we will look back and smile at how far we’ve come just as Steev does who posted above. take care mate