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Thanks for your post RG,
Yes we have to consider the financial implications for our futures.

Do you remember that book The Secret ? I am currently watching a little bit of it every night before I go to sleep. It is on Netflix.
It’s kinda changing my mindset although I’m not sure that thinking about something makes it happen. If it did I would have won one of those super jackpots years ago for I thought about little else for a decade.

It is helping me though to think about what I want. I drift a lot with no real direction.

I have had to leave the house for some work and to be honest it has taken the monotony away – I had a very socially distanced coffee with friends at work – we yelled across a room at each other but it was still nice to get out and meet people.

Life is ok – I am missing my cleaner terribly, the house is getting completely out of hand but today I’m going to start early and do the work myself – I am going to tell myself I am enjoying it haha. That’s the secret!

That’s about it – the birds woke me . I don’t find this as annoying as I used to. I have started having internal dialogues between my inner parent and child. The spoilt child has dominated for too long . It sounds crazy but now I tell the child to go to bed in time – life is better with enough sleep. I tell her one chocolate bar is enough (instead of six). I tell her get up and do housework( she’s a little reluctant on this one ). It seems to work or else I am losing my marbles during lockdown.

Ok inner child – that’s enough talk, go do some work ! lol
Talk soon!