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Thanks for your post Vera! My Mom and I are the only family members who talk to my Daughter. The other’s don’t want to be around the drama. I totally understand. I have seeked out help for myself and have been going to support groups for years. My Daughter refuses any help. She has to be ready and open to accept help for her addiction. It has been going on for years and it doesn’t get any easier. I see her on my terms when I go to the city. She has been told not to just show up at my house unannounced. It doesn’t get any easier with time. As I get older it is getting harder to deal with. I don’t give her money. I usually take her to lunch when I see her and I bring her fresh fruit that I buy on the way to the city. It is a strained relationship. She and her boyfriend have been living in a friend’s garage for over 1 year. Very sad. I have been waiting for her to hit her bottom but it hasn’t happened. She did make it back home. I know that her future is dim, incarceration or death. She can’t go on like this.