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What do you think about the self blame bit and how to stop beating yourself up about it? I think GA would say acceptance and taking responsibility. My sponsor does have a sponsor and I knew I needed to avail myself of a sponsor as soon as I went to GA. I had been for help early on to a number of different organisations and GA was the last one. As I am quite isolated having a sponsor helps me. I do not have another relapse in me and I was already way down the line of falling off a cliff edge. Our GA group,also has a couple,of active gamblers in it and they own up to it. That is their responsibility I guess, but it is not for me. Not today or tomorrow.
My son is picking me up shortly with the grandkids, so I am off,now,
Yes, I know about I am Daniel Blake but won’t go and see it. Because I know it and it is too close to home. I would find it painful viewing. Ken loach is a good guy. I am very active on line for the Corbyn campaign. And that is as far as I will,go,to,discuss anything political. I think you know my views on the tories, I certainly put it in brackets,ie get them out every time I discuss the benefits system. I don’t think I have ever been so angry about anything but when I read of the suicides amongst the disabled and u employed who have been sanctioned, it makes my blood boil.