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Cheers Mathew. I am Catholic but does he answer our prayers, if he does why would some of us even have this problem?
It is a man made problem id say but never the less, if there was a god, prayers to you and everyone else. Pray that we all pull through this.

Yes Steve I was here 2 years ago last month, I did do a august pact, which a couple of members joined in . I’m glad your here to help, it gives us the hope that we can change keep on at it and we will become equal again. I work nights and I do not think that helps, that on its own makes me. Tired and unsociable. So I am applying for day jobs as we speak, normall work hours would be a start !! Thank you for your post

And yes velvet maybe I should. I must admit tho I think I am scared of the change, scared of bettering myself, scared of what could be new, scared of my inner self.
For the past 11 odd years this has been me, ups and downs. Highs and lows. I do know that gambling does not help the situation. I now know by placing a £2 bet its leads to the same feeling as loosing a bulk of money. I know the risks it comes with….
I just need a new frame of mind

Thanks for listening