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Thanks ican. Have to admit im finding it harder to post partly due to it being a bit awkard typeing from a phone plus iv been on gambling recovery forums for nearly 2 years and maybe the novelty has wore off. This is the only forum i write on now but i still read on the other 1 from time to time. Feel im getting into a dangerous period 3 months gamble free odaat but historically im very vulnerable now forgetting the pain of heartbreaking slips getting a bit of a cash flow again etc etc. Unfortunately the bank sent me a letter yesterday with a new debit card to replace my cash card i rung them up saying that i had cancelled my debit card for a reason and can i not just use my cash card they said cash cards are getting done away with and my cash card wont work from the middle of january. Bit of a disaster really feel unsafe in my home again i need to get a plan because this has the potential to feck me up. Need to try and post more often cant be getting complacent i am continueing to keep my blocks tight usually leaving the house with no more than 60 quid and thats just incase i get a flat tyre. But im very well aware i can change my mind between two lamp posts so my blocks are very important just a pity the bank feels cash cards are a thing of the past they just dont realise that a good few people cant deal with debit /visa cards and its not just cgs it would also be shop acholics etc etc. But thats life and odaat i will have to try extra harder. Hope everyboday has a good gamble free weekend