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Thanks Ican!
Eating is about the only “normal” thing I do. Compulsive eating is not all that normal though , is it?
I do count my many many blessings daily.
I just wish I could do more. Stop the clock and catch up with the so many people and things I have missed out on when I was in my own world gambling.
When I went back to work after a 19 year career break I was 52. I was totally exhausted. The basic work was the same but there were so many new policies and protocols we were expected to know. After a while I got sense. I just noted which file these huge books were stored in’ in case I had to refer to them in a hurry and I left it up to the two managers who sat in the office all day to deal with them. I was a foot soldier and its all I ever wanted to be. The course I would have followed if I pursued my profession without taking a career break, would have been the legal or teaching areas of nursing , but we got plenty opportunities to teach students on the wards and had to re learn the domains they study under in Uni (a lot of it is BULL)and fill in their reports daily and write an overall feedback at the end of their placement. They were passed or failed on that placement as a result of the report they got. The main area was drug administration but you would brief your student before hand on the 5 Rs. Some were more receptive than others. Makes me wonder if all the mentoring has made any real improvements in the health Service. God be with the days we learned on the hoof and depended on nurses six months your senior to show you the ropes. For and against allowing students to take risks, of course. Its the opposite now. Lots of spoon feeding these days and when it comes to making quick decisions some fall down.
My advice Ican, is to get a clear job description and don’t act outside your remit. In my experience the work horse is always left carrying the heavy load.