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Thanks idi! It feels great and awful at the same time. I can see that he is having a hard time dealing with it which hurts. But im trying to be as supportive as i can. He doesnt know what to do when anxiety hits, but its ok. This is a new situation, im used to having anxiety attacks cause of gambling but since we have had quite a strained relationship over the last few years ive always been able to hide them. Now they just come outta nowhere and everything literally zooms out and i cant think. That is new and something i guess wont just go away in the near future. But hey life goes on, if i just stay free of gambling im sure it will pass.

Your decoration ideas sound superb! I love being creative but gambling kinda killed it, not entirely so im definitly going to get my creative juices flowing once we get back home. Havent renovated the house since we moved in 8 years ago!