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Thanks for replying, Joedj. Your comments made me realised how isolated and alone I am sometimes. I’m not particularly close with any family members and they all live pretty far away from me. There is no family member I can confide in without making myself feel even worse about the situation. No one will understand or be supportive, probably will only criticise my folly and despise me. I come from a family of achievers. The pressure is quite real. I can feel that even the divorcees like myself (now) are looked down on. My family is quite traditional and have expectations. Even though nowadays its such a common thing. So very sad, isn’t it?

I’ve been reading up on CG. Frightens me to know that I really may be a CG. Or am I not? I’ve probably not reached a level of destitution yet but its bad enough. I think its this sudden realisation that I’ve been going on a vicious cycle for 20 yrs. Started small of course and then got worse and worse. A part of me still wants to chase losses even though I know its stupid to do so. How is it that we know that its wrong and bad and yet still want to keep doing it? Is there hope for me? I’m still trying to process your pointers and figure out how to do so. Thanks for your tips on how to curb the addiction. Appreciate it very much. Don’t know your story but I pray you are doing well too.