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Thanks Kin and Velvet for your posts! Mundane is better than the gambling devastation. Something that i am still recovering from. I won’t go into details. Everything can be paid if I follow the right path. Hopefully, I will be fixed too! I keep making excuses to follow my dreams. I’m putting restrictions on myself. Why am I scared? I know life is fragile and your whole world could change in a minute. My neighbor, Who is a older than me, lost her Husband 2 years ago and her 50 year old son 2 weeks ago as he had Barres syndrome. Her family were one of the first to welcome me here, 4 years ago. I brought her a card and we talked for awhile. Her family is with her now but I know how she will feel in the weeks and months to come. I told her I am always here if she wants to talk. I spent the morning doing more yard work. The geese are carrying on at the pond. They are amazing animals if you watch them. I’m going to fix some lunch and rest. I’m physically and mentally tired.