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Thank you for responding. I appreciate you taking the time to say all that. Me being new to this whole thing, I have already read a few forums and stories. Could I ask you what yours is like or what exactly it is that got you to the point of where you are now? It sounds like you have recovered and it sounds like it was a really tough road. I am straight edge, I don’t smoke, drink alcohol, never have and I am very very good at making the people around me happy. I feel like gambling just changes who we are as people down to the core. It changes my mood, my responses, my actions, everything… I am glad that you have found a solution to your addiction and I wish you nothing but the best. 

I am now going on 5 days and I think the first few weeks will be the hardest. I have changed my diet and kept busy and my marriage is always the best when I am this way. My wife can just see the man she fell in love with and we may not have kids at the moment but it was hard hearing that she is scared to have them because of my addiction. 

With all this being said, is it possible for you to tell me your story? If not on here, have you posted to another forum already about it? I would like to read it. One of my motivations with this problem is knowing others who have fought back and came out on top. Thanks again

– Brandon